LightRush® was formed on June 8, 1998 with the primary purpose to research, develop, and manufacture a superior display system for the world market. The company is headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, in the 'Silicon Forest,' an area populated by many of the world's preeminent display companies including Tektronix, InFocus, Planar, and Clarity.

Founded to exploit work by a renowned physicist and laser expert, our engineering team, with many years of experience in video and broadcast operational equipment and instrumentation, developed the first commercially-viable full-color laser projection system.

Our early work was partially funded by a Department of Energy grant to develop a visual display system that saves energy and improves picture quality beyond current standards. The original grant was successfully completed in February 2000. Follow-on developmental work has resulted in the current Proof-of-Concept (Laser Light Engine Technology LLET®) that was completed in August, 2002.

Research and development conducted by LightRush® will lead to laser light displays with higher resolution and far greater energy efficiency than high-intensity lamp projectors and CRTs, which our (LLE) Laser Light Engine® is intended to replace.